Water Hygiene Management Services

water hygiene management

water hygiene management services

water hygiene management services in india

A green chemical method to synthesize nanogold-bioconjugate and its eco-friendly promising role to purify contaminated waters has been described.

Clean My Place provides water hygiene management services like water tank cleaning, storage water pathogen detection and eradication solution. Our unique 5 stages water tank cleaning is safe, effective, and completely eco-friendly, carried out through state-of-the-art imported equipment, operated by highly trained and experienced technicians.

Our Cleaning Process does not involve any Chemical Treatment. Hence Zero side effects on health, post treatment.

  • 5 Stage Mechanized Cleaning of overhead and underground Tanks.
  • Chemical free treatment
  • Mechanized Dewatering
  • Sludge Removal
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Vacuum Cleaning
  • UV Treatment

  • 5 Stage Mechanized Cleaning of overhead and underground Tanks
  • Chemical free treatment
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