Staying Hygienic is No Longer a Choice; it’s a Way of Life

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The four-walled space that we call home is the very nest where we breathe, settle and let our happy minds grow. Our home is our own comfort zone where we dream; build shelter for our family and spend quality time with friends. Similarly, our office area, where, unsurprisingly many of us spend more time than we do at our homes, is a place to foster new ideas. An ideal office space is the one which not only gathers people from different spheres but also gives them wings to grow professionally.
While we spend a great deal of time and money toward giving the right décor to the spaces we belong, we often tend to disregard the prerequisites of maintaining cleanliness of all the equipment that we use, walls and floors and hidden corners. Indeed, cleaning the house on a regular basis is not only an endless and tiresome task, but also warrants expert handling to meet hygiene goals.

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During current times, with the rapid spread of the pandemic posing newer challenges every day, it is imperative for us to adapt to the changing and more complex hygiene needs of the world.
CleanMyPlace, your trusted facility management team is cognizant about those barriers and is committed to make unceasing efforts in keeping your office and house premises completely free from dust, dirt, mites, microbes, pests and bacteria.
The passionate team of agile and enthusiastic individuals is bringing a fully customized, need-assessed, holistic and structured professional solution for Smart Cleaning, Pest Management and Space Sterilization.

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How safe are we? The million dollar question!

Only expert sterilization provides safety from virus and bacteria. To know more about

our Sterilization Services

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About Us

CleanMyPlace envisions an inclusive & progressive India. A clean place indicates safe, hygienic and a pristine place filled with purity, honesty, precision and clutter-free.

CleanMyPlace is the go-to-solution for making every space a clean space and our nation a cleaner nation.

CleanMyPlace, specialized in the field of multidimensional hygiene management, always puts an effort to live up to expectations.

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Why choose CleanMyPlace

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    100%Service Satisfaction

    Our expert team of professionals are always on duty. No nook or cranny escapes them, neither does any disease causing microbe. Your convenience, comfort and safety are of prime importance to us.

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    Beauty and safety are basic rights according to us. No matter what your budget we are sure to offer you superior service without burning a hole in your packet.

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    Trained & ProfileVerified Technicians

    We choose our people with the same precision and diligence with which we execute our duties. Service with a smile is our motto and keeping places clean and safe, our motivation.

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    You may need us any time, so we are available for you all the time. Seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

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    Use of ScientificHi-Tech Products

    According to your needs we choose the exact disinfectants, cleaning agents and pesticides from the best global manufactures. All our products comply with stringent quality checks and proper MSDS user guidelines

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    Convenience ofOnline Booking

    Cleaning and complete safety is now just a click away. You can book our services from the comfort of your home, in your own time, and let us simply take care of the rest.


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    Personal Protection Equipment Kit (Reusable & Disposable)

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    Infrared Contactless Thermometer

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    Four Layer N95 Reusable Mask

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    Liquid Hand Sanitizer

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    Three Layer Disposable Surgical Mask

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ADS School of Hygiene Management

One of its kind Facility Management School to impart technical skill and knowledge to desired candidates who want to excel in this field. The courses offered by ADS School is a perfect combination of classroom and hands-on practical training. A thorough exposure in the domain of hygiene management, be it mechanized cleaning, pest management or sterilization of a space. The students will have a deep understanding of maintenance of a Hygienic & Clean place.

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Loyalty Membership

CleanMyPlace Loyalty Membership is being built upon ideas of mutual trust, brand engagement and value for money. The leadership team is currently engaged in evaluating the nuances of a potential offer based on exclusive deals and promotions. An exciting Loyalty Membership is coming your way soon!

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