A Clean Place is a Safe Place

Built over a notion of trust and commitment, Clean My Place is provides a one stop solution for a complete sterilization & deep cleaning of your place.

Clean My Place, is an Integrated Facility Management Service provider for corporate structures and residential complexes. We provide excellent House-Keeping, Pest Control and complete sterilization services! Dedication and an attention to details is what our structure stands on. We are a team of professionals at your services day and night, 24*7, and 365 days a year!


Super Sterilization Disinfect with the Best

When a dedicated team uses the best disinfectant possible to clean every nook & corner of your space, the health hazards are easily avoidable. Deadly viruses such as Anthrax, Corona or Ebola can be disinfected in a closed space with our disinfectant powered by international technology. Our main sterilization disinfectant has specially proved useful in the United States during the deadly Anthrax outbreak. It is the first environmentally safe broad-spectrum disinfectant to record complete elimination on the most difficult pathogens. This product is patented at Canada & accepted globally. It is a completely biodegradable liquid blend of Peracetic acid, Hydrogen peroxide & two quaternary ammonium compounds all of which are proven Bactericidal & Viricidal. It has also been approved by Health Canada, CFIA.ACIA, Eco Seal, DEFRA, EPA and FDA. The manufacturer of the product is a partner of US Defense to combat epidemics like Anthrax, Ebola, & other incidences of biological terrorism. It has been effective over Coronavirus as well although the latest mutant is a new variant.

The Special Sterilizing Disinfectant

  • Controls broad spectrum of microorganisms
  • Is effective & safe hard surface disinfectant
  • Prevents & destroys mold & yeast
  • Takes a very short time to work
  • Prevents microbial resistance build-up
  • Is non-toxic & non-corrosive
  • Has no odor or taste
  • Is non-viscous & biodegradable
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Specialists view on Corona and possible safety measures


Virus Gone!

It is really that simple. Meticulous care & precision ensures that every corner of your place is virus free & sparkling clean.

Our Special 3 Step Sterilization Process We follow a special 3 step sterilization process which is absolutely fool proof.

  • All windows & doors are closed by our technician team. Every gap and hole is sealed properly for total insulation.

    Step 1

  • Each articles, like furniture, chairs, fans, doors including handles, stair railings, LCD etc. in the area is covered & sterilized with our world class Sterilization equipment containing our special Disinfectant.

    Step 2

  • After the Sterilization process is completed, the rooms have to be closed ideally for 30 minutes for best results.

    Step 3

Accreditations The list of the International Accreditations of the disinfectant we are using are as follows:

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