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Why Hire The Best Pest Control Company In India

With numerous options available, pinpointing the best pest control company in India can be challenging. However, one company that consistently stands out is CleanMySpace. Renowned for its comprehensive approach, cutting-edge techniques, and eco-friendly solutions, we have earned a stellar reputation for effectively tackling pest infestations across residential and commercial spaces. Hire us today.

Top Notch Pest Management Services In India

When it comes to top-notch pest management services in India, CleanMySpace stands tall. With a focus on precision and reliability, we offer comprehensive solutions designed to address the unique needs of residential and commercial properties. Their team of experienced professionals utilizes the latest techniques and environmentally friendly products to deliver effective pest control while prioritizing safety. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations, CleanmySpace remains a trusted partner for individuals and businesses seeking unparalleled pest management services nationwide

We offer best of Pest Management services in India

We understand how important it is for you to keep your office and your home pest free. Our qualified technicians use treatments that are effective and mostly safe for environment and also for your entire family, including four-legged members and your office.

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We are parents too; we understand the importance of safety!

Our services are pet-friendly, proven to work, and they are not harsh to your health.

Clean My Place Managed Treatment (CMT)

Our services are pet friendly, proven to work, and are not harmful to your health.

How do termites do so much damage?

Termite infestation in India is most common. They live in underground colonies of up to 2 million hungry termites. Termites are always looking for food. They create mud tunnels to get from their colony to your home searching for food. Once inside, they get behind walls and quietly eat away at the soft wood frame, severely impacting the stability of the main support beams.Once inside your building, there is no “season” for termites. They are there day and night, winter, spring, summer and autumn –eating away at one of your most valuable assets.

The keys to successful termite treatment are:

  • A complete chemical barrier around your home.
  • A safe and effective direct chemical treatment.
  • Routine monitoring and maintenance.

Why call a professional for termite treatment?

Treating your building for termites is not a single day’s work. Termite colonies are hard to destroy. All colonies feeding on your building need to be identified. Spot treating a single colony can be a costly mistake. The colony that is feeding on your place could be under the building, across the street! Identifying a termite problem and locating the source colony or colonies takes training and experience. A professional termite treatment addresses these key elements.

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How Cockroach infestation happens?

Cockroaches are accomplished hitchhikers. In fact, German cockroaches usually first get into buildings by riding in boxes, in furniture and in other items brought into the building. Most other cockroach species invade from the outside or from sewers or drains.

Most cockroaches prefer to rest on wood rather than on metal and other surfaces. That’s why you’ll often find them living in wood cabinets or in cardboard boxes. German cockroach fecal material contains a pheromone that tells other cockroaches that the area is a good place to harbor. Large numbers of cockroaches may congregate in areas where fecal material has accumulated. These areas are called aggregation points.

Managing cockroach infestation

Clean My Place professionals begin by inspecting and treating available hiding places in which cockroaches might live. This includes electric motors, electronic equipment, false ceilings, wall voids and accessible cracks and voids.

Vacuuming may be used in some cases to provide immediate reduction in the number of cockroaches. A variety of application techniques and methods are then used to provide a comprehensive cockroach treatment, including crack and crevice treatments, void treatments, and baits.

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Rats and mice invade your place looking for the same comforts of home that you do — food, shelter, and water. Unfortunately, they are more than an inconvenience. They're a threat to your property, your health and your sense of security.

Rats and mice can:

  • Chew through wires and cause fires
  • Destroy property and belongings
  • Eat drywall and tear insulation
  • Die in your walls,creating foul odors
  • Leave droppings behind
  • Make disturbing noises in your walls and attic

Managing rodent infestation

Rodents owe most of their survival success to their ability to adapt to different habitats. They are opportunistic food scavengers and will consume most types of food. In addition, they are mostly active just after sunset and just before sunrise – hours during which most people are asleep. These factors make rats and mice difficult to control. Rats and mice are also successful breeders.

Attempting to control a rat or mouse infestation can be dangerous. The most effective rodent control requires an integrated approach. Rodenticide alone is often not enough. Additionally, rodent control requires rodent proofing, harborage reduction, trapping and increased attention to sanitation. For the most comprehensive solution, call Clean My Place.

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Everyone knows mosquitoes can cause welts and severe itching, preventing you and your family from enjoying the outdoors. But they're more than just a nuisance — they can make heading outside a risk.

Mosquitoes can:

  • Lay an average of 100 eggs in a container the size of a bottle cap
  • Carry deadly diseases, such as Malaria, Zika and Dengue
  • Cause welts and severe itching
  • Lay up to 3,000 eggs within a couple of weeks

Managing mosquito infestation

Our mosquito solution begins working immediately to reduce the mosquito population in your yard.

How the mosquito service works:

  • Inspect:We conduct a thorough inspection and customize a treatment plan.

  • Inspect:We conduct a thorough inspection and customize a treatment plan.

  • Protect:Treatment contains a zone of protection that lasts weeks.

  • Maintain:Monthly applications keep mosquitoes down and outdoor enjoyment up.

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Our powerful and customized bed bug treatment eliminates bed bugs where they live and breed. We work quickly and effectively with as little disruption as possible.

How Our Bed Bug Solutions Work:

Clean My Place technicians perform an extensive inspection of your home and office, including all furniture and storages. We remove visible bed bugs and treats the area to eliminate any hidden bed bugs and their eggs.

Clean My Place Bed Bug guarantee

  • Clean My Place will customize a treatment for your needs to quickly and safely eliminate bed bugs from the infested room or area.
  • If bed bugs are found in the treated room or area within the next 90 days, we will perform further treatment at no additional cost.


Looking for fast, effective commercial bed bug treatment?

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Ants are highly social creatures — seeing one ant likely means more are nearby. And killing some ants won't take care of the problem. Effective ant control often requires finding and treating the colony.

Ant control:

  • To get rid of ants, it is important to identify the ant species before attempting ant control. Some ant species can be controlled using baits, while others cannot. To get rid of ants successfully, it is usually necessary to follow them back to their colony and treat the colony directly. Clean My Place professionals have the experience to correctly identify your ants and kill them.

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Silverfish feed on fungal molds and organic matter. They can damage natural fabrics, paper and book bindings. Treatment of cracks and voids as well as attic and crawl spaces is necessary to minimize silverfish. This pest, however, is one of the most difficult insects to totally eliminate, even for a professional company.

We will do whatever it takes to solve your silverfish problem. Including coming back at no costs, until pests are gone.

With trained and experienced technicians in treating termites and pests, we’ll make sure you’re protected from Silverfish.

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Spiders are skilled predators, using their webs to trap unsuspecting pests. While most spiders are harmless, discovering a spider web in your place can be an unsettling experience.

How to get rid of spiders

Some spiders may be harboring outdoors, under items lying on the ground or in voids in hollow blocks, while others may live in attics and crawl spaces or other areas throughout the home. A thorough, professional inspection from Clean My Place will reveal these hiding spots and help eliminate spiders from your home.

You need the strongest pest protection you can get.


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Flies are not only nuisance pests while buzzing around homes, but they are potential disease carriers. House flies have short lifespans, but they can quickly reproduce in large numbers, leading to large house fly populations if not identified and effectively controlled.

Managing Fly infestation

If you suspect a house fly infestation in your home, contact Clean My Place to conduct an inspection, specifically looking for any places where house fly eggs may have been deposited. Since house flies enter from outside, internal breeding sites are not common. However, interior garbage rooms and kitchen provide a suitable environment for house fly breeding sites and should be checked. If the breeding site is not thoroughly cleaned or removed, these pests will continue to be a problem.

Once the breeding site has been disposed of, eliminating the existing adult flies is the next step. Our pest management professional will develop a house fly treatment plan based on the circumstances of the infestation, which may include the use of fly bait, applications or traps.

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After termites, wood boring beetles are the most important wood-destroying insects in homes, offices etc. The amount of damage that wood-boring beetles cause depends on many factors. The type of wood, the moisture content of the wood, and the environmental conditions at the infestation site all affect the severity of beetle damage.

The adult Borer Beetle cut circular exit holes in the surface of the wood and powdery wood dust created by the beetle’s feeding is pushed out which is easily visible under the furniture parts. When you see a wood powder around the holes, and on the furniture. Chemical treatment is necessary. Fresh wood powder is usually light in color and does not clump. Old wood powder is often yellowed and clumps together.

Managing Woodborer infestation

Depending on the extent of damage, Clean My Place provides either a part or complete furniture treatment with special chemical additives and solvent mixture having good absorbing capacity. This mixture is applied with syringe or sprayed on the surface of the damaged wooden article. Performance work GUARANTEE is given by us for all types of Wood Borer Control Treatments.

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A window screen (also known as insect screen, bug screen, fly screen, wire mesh, window net) is designed to cover the opening of a window. It is usually a mesh made of metal, fibreglass, plastic wire, or other pieces of plastic and stretched in a frame of wood or metal. It serves to keep leaves, debris, spiders, insects, birds, and other animals from entering a building or a screened structure such as a porch, without blocking fresh air-flow.

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