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Reputed Commercial Office Cleaning Services In India

Maintaining a sparkling office environment in India is a breeze with the help of commercial office cleaning services in India. These companies cater to businesses of all sizes, offering a comprehensive range of services from daily floor cleaning and disinfection to window washing and deep carpet cleaning. By outsourcing your cleaning needs to commercial cleaning companies, you can ensure a healthy and productive work environment for your employees while freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on core business activities.

Hire Professional Commercial Cleaning Services In India

Hiring professional commercial cleaning services in India offers numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes. Firstly, these services provide specialized expertise and equipment, ensuring thorough and effective cleaning that meets industry standards and regulations. With trained and experienced cleaners, businesses can maintain a clean and hygienic environment, which is essential for employee health and productivity. Hire the best office cleaning agency today.

Workplace Cleaning

From the shooting floor to the hospital floor to the hotel, We provide mechanized smart cleaning to every industry and sector from movie halls to malls. Call us today to keep your office and shop safe and clean!

We provide One Time and Recurring (AMC model) service.

Specialized Commercial Space Services:

  • Government & Corporate Offices
  • Hotels & Guest Houses
  • Restaurants & Café
  • Hospitals, Clinics & Diagnostic Centers
  • Shopping Malls, Retail Shops & Showrooms
  • School Colleges & Training Centers
  • Gymnasium, Spa, Salon & Parlors
  • Kids Play Zones, Ply school & Day Care
  • Multiplexes, Film & recording studios
  • Factory Sheds, Warehouses, Livestock farms, Clinics, Kennels, Shipping containers

A clean and organized workplace increases productivity among employees. A clean office or commercial property always has a positive effect on your customers. We help your organization to maintain cleanliness in a scientific & smart way.

  • Cobweb cleaning of the entire area
  • Cleaning of AC vent, ceiling fan, light fittings
  • Thorough dusting of Side wall
  • Cleaning and polishing of all table and other furniture
  • Cleaning of Window blinds cleaning
  • Cleaning of Glass surface from inside only
  • Vacuuming and shampooing all sofa, chair
  • Scrubbing and polishing of available floor area
  • Deep cleaning of washroom & Pantry
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A clean restaurant will set your business apart! In restaurants, cleaning is very important because nowadays consumers are very conscious about cleanliness and want hygiene in their food. Clean My Place is the best restaurant cleaning service provider in India, We help you grow your business with our professional cleaning services that specialized in kitchen degreasing, floor & carpet cleaning with upholstery deep cleaning.

  • Kitchen
    • Cleaning of Floor area
    • Removal of Grease
    • Cleaning wall tiles cleaning
    • Scrubbing of floor area
    • All drawer and cabinet cleaning
    • Chimney cleaning (outer part)
    • Cooking range cleaning
  • Service Area
    • Scrubbing of Floor tiles
    • Cleaning & shampooing chair
    • Cleaning of AC outer surface
    • Cleaning of glass surface
  • Washrooms
    • Thorough cleaning W.C., Basin
    • Cleaning of wall tiles
    • Cleaning of floor
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Warehouses also need love! Large warehouses and industrial floors can seem difficult to clean. Clean My Place uses the latest tools and techniques to make sure your floor is clean

  • Removal of cobweb
  • Cleaning of Storage racks
  • Cleaning of Heavy dust from high areas
  • Washing or scrubbing of floor area (As per the scope)
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We provide specialized solution to clean inside and outside surface area of containers by using chemical and T.Brush & high jet sprays.

  • Shampooing of inside and outside surface area by using chemical and T.Brush
  • Scrubbing of Floor
  • Surface washing through high pressure jet spray machine
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It is very important to keep the diagnostic centers clean, Clean My Place provide cooperative cleaning solutions specific & diagnostic center needs that includes deep cleaning, manual cleaning processes.

  • Cobweb cleaning of entire facility
  • C.Fan, AC (Indoor unit, outer part) cleaning
  • Cleaning of Glass surface
  • Dry dusting side wall surface
  • Cleaning and polishing of all the counters and other wooden surface
  • Dusting ofChairs& Sofa
  • Deep cleaning of washrooms
  • Scrubbing and polishing ofentire facility floor
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Clean My Place specialized in providing luxury and retail showrooms with the uncompromising cleanliness that their customers deserve.

  • Cleaning of cobweb
  • Cleaning of AC Vent, light fittings (exterior)
  • Cleaning ofwindow glass (from inside only)
  • Cleaning & polishing ofall wooden surface
  • Vacuuming, shampooing & polishing of Chairs
  • Scrubbing and polishing of available floor area
  • Washroom Cleaning
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Our cleaning experts are experienced and understand the unique needs of this environment. We will ensure that your students and teachers are provided with a safe and healthy facility without any hindrance

  • Cleaning of cobweb cleaning
  • Cleaning of AC Vent, light fittings
  • Cleaning of window glass (from inside only)
  • Cleaning & polishing of all wooden surface
  • Scrubbing & polishing of floor area
  • Washrooms deep cleaning
  • Laboratories:
    • Cleaning of cobweb
    • Cleaning of window glass(from inside only)
    • Dusting of Tables
    • Scrubbing & polishing of floor area
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Façade cleaning is a very specialized services & every façades of building require unique solutions. We understand the requirements & provide a smart, technical solution with trained manpower & clean all façade requirements.

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